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What They Say

Lisa Parker

I have met with Laura for both life coaching and mediumship reading. Through coaching, Laura helped me find clarity in my situation; she helped me find a path to personal growth.


Laura is insightful, encouraging, supportive, empathetic and fully capable in assisting you to accomplish your dreams!


Her mediumship reading helped me find closure with the grief of losing my father.


I encourage you to let Laura help you become the person you want to be through life coaching. She can also assist you in contacting your angels!


Just to let you know that I told my niece Shelley about the message from her son (my great-nephew Jack) last night and this was her reply:

Thanks so very much Lorna, I just can't explain how much it means to me. I did used to give him a little icing from the birthday cakes. I feel Jack close to me and do feel like he's my guardian angel. That message was so accurate. Can you please thank the medium that gave you the message I'm forever grateful.

I didn't know about him getting a bit of icing off the cake as he was fed liquids only from a very young age because he couldn't swallow properly, then lost the ability all together.  Well done you! Fantastic message and you are so on the ball with your evidence. Have a great day!

Debra Spencer

Had my first reading with Laura tonight, I will admit I was sceptical. The things Laura told me I was amazed at. She told me I had questioned my daughter 'why' and kept saying 'why'.. Ten minutes earlier I had messaged my daughter who passed in November 2021 and kept asking why to a certain question. She knew things that she shouldn't have known. I KNEW my daughter was speaking with Laura. My reading was for 30 minutes but it went on for an hour, which Laura was happy to do. I can't recommend this lady enough, I will DEFINITELY be back!

Gabby Gavin

Had my first reading with Laura and she was very polite and spot on with everything she said. If I didn't understand she would take her time to help explain it to me. My friend that came through - there were so many details that nobody else would know - and yet Laura did. I highly recommend Laura, she was amazing!


I was so impressed with my reading. From the word go, Laura connected with my maternal grandmother. It was the longest reading I have had with my grandmother and all the information was spot on. All the evidence came through so naturally and I could relate to it.  I am so grateful as it was so uplifting and it was obvious my grandmother found connecting to Laura so effortless from information received. Thank you so much Laura. You are a gifted medium.

Tracey Raine

I had a reading with Laura. She was so lovely. I've had many people that have passed and her messages were accurate and clearly linked to the person sending them. Laura spent so much time with me and it was a wonderful experience. Emotional and really personal I would absolutely recommend her.

Tracy Reeves

Had a wonderful reading with Laura, she is a nicely spoken lady that speaks with compassion. She was spot on with everything she said in my reading, I could understand all the information she was giving me. I will be using her again. Thank you Laura.


I was asked by my friend Dawn to have a reading from Laura. At first I said no, I was afraid, but after some thinking and listening to what Dawn had said, I went along. Well I was amazed. My mum, dad and my special friend came through. Laura told me things that nobody else would know. Smarties in particular! I came away crying because mum, dad and Cathy all told me thing to take away with me.


Laura was spot on with my reading. She was able to confirm how my childhood was, how my mother was during her life, confirmed names and dates along with how my brother is this present moment. I must say I'm really impressed with what came through.  Laura has  beautiful welcoming energy and her gift shines through her. Thank you Laura.


Thank you for my reading this morning. It was spot on and was amazing, it was lovely, thank you so much!

Mediumship Client

Had another amazing reading with Laura on Monday morning. Laura told me things only me and my Tigs knew. I laughed and cried and could feel my Tigs love. Laura is the only lady I go to for my readings, such a lovely lady. Thank you so much.

Danielle Sinclair

Amazing reading. Everything spoken about was more or less right. I have had two readings now and will definitely be having more.

Angela Hutcheon

I would highly recommend Laura.


She gave me a beautiful reading and was spot on with everything she brought through. She brought forward my grandmother firstly and the information was absolutely correct.

My dad also came through which was valuable to me as it was only four days after the 5th anniversary of his passing.

I would highly recommend Laura. She will give you the perfect and exact reading every time. She brought through so many memories and also something nobody ever knew. A memory of my grandmother's locket and my father - how he loved to read.

Once again, thank you Laura.

I had a mediumship reading with Laura and well the only thing I can say is “WOW”.

I have had mediumship and psychic readings before, but none have been as accurate or as

detailed as the one with Laura.

I was really hoping that my sister who has recently passed would come through and she



Laura passed on many messages and described things and events with accuracy and

detail and left me with no doubt that it was my sister that was speaking through her.


The reading has given me real comfort and helped me find some closure.

Laura is kind and compassionate and really takes her time. She actually went well over the

half an hour which is something she didn’t have to do. If you are looking to have a reading

from an empathetic and gifted medium then have a reading with Laura.

Thank you Laura, you are truly gifted and I am really grateful to you. I know I will definitely be

back for another reading.


I went into the mediumship excited but a little nervous but Laura’s words and energy had a way of relaxing me into the space.

She provided an evidential reading with messages from my late grandfather and his sister.

Laura brought a lightness to the reading where I was able to digest the information with ease and her accuracy was spot on.


Even something which she said which I questioned was later confirmed as true by my dad.


Laura is not only talented in her ability to connect to spirit but she holds the space with such ease. Thank you for the reading and I look forward to another one soon. 

Rana Khinda

Lisa Marie Messex

Thank you so much for such a gorgeous reading.
You captured the true essence of my parents and it was as if I was talking to them.
You have a true gift and I can't thank you enough.

Penny Beere

I want to say how blown away l am with Laura's mediumship and her connection with spirit. 

I felt completely safe all of the time, whilst Laura was working.

She gave me much evidence with who she was 

connecting with.

I highly recommend Laura,  l have been telling my friends about this wonderful opportunity.

She even brought my family's dog into the reading, which truly beautiful. 

Thank you so much Laura  

Ghetta Devi Jassi

I had a reading with Laura  on the anniversary of my Dad’s passing. When I explained my request Laura was so helpful with fitting me in.

I have to say the reading was so emotional. Laura put me at ease and guided me through. I felt so safe and relaxed.


I loved how her messages just flowed and after we talked it through, then everything made more sense.


After the reading Laura asked if there was anything that came up that I needed support with and I have to be honest I have never experienced that before.

That made feel very grateful.

I am definitely going to be having more regular readings with Laura. I would highly recommend her!

Jane Stark

Just to say how thankful and appreciative I was for my private sitting on Monday. You were very patient and so kind as I struggled with the link on Zoom.
You demonstrated empathy and gave a comprehensive explanation of how the sitting would work. 
The description of my husband’s character was so accurate even people who new him would have struggled to have described him better.
Things that were revealed you could not have known about e.g my plans for Christmas and how he didn’t agree with them. (Only my children new at this point and they were unaware of you or that I had booked a sitting with you) I felt his presence, and although I did not get the answers I wanted I gained comfort from the fact that I now know he is there.
Thank you Laura for helping me to see this I will be for ever grateful.

Nikky Ann

Thankyou for being the connection to everything I needed to carry on carrying on, with the reassurance I did it well.
If anyone has lost a loved one I 1 million percent would recommend Laura when you are ready.
Will be forever grateful to you Laura.

Spiritual Life Coaching 

Client Love

 I needed a coach to work through a challenging period around mindset, discipline and career. From the first conversation I knew Laura was the person to coach and support me and she did just that. I opted first for a mediumship reading as I felt it would be a good precursor to the coaching. I was connected to my Grandfather and the evidential nature of the reading was not only accurate but helped me to tap into an optimism that I hadn’t felt in a while. Laura is a great listener and held a safe space for me to explore at each session. She challenged me to see new perspectives and held me accountable which helped me to achieve goals. Laura checked in between sessions which was a welcome addition and she led a number of calming meditations. I had many shifts in our time together, most notably in my creative outlet where I joined an art group and now I am exhibiting my artwork for the first time this weekend! Thank you Laura for your genuine care and your supportive nature to motivate the best out of me.  I do hope our paths cross again. 

Angela Tharmakumar

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