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Laura J Whitfield

Spiritual life Coach


Hi, I'm Laura Whitfield

My life in a nutshell

I live just outside London with my 3 boys, my partner and a black Toy Poodle called Maia.

I have had a few jobs over the years from working in retail, as a P.A/Receptionist and as a Nursery Nurse. I never felt any of these jobs were my purpose. I was never happy in my jobs or fulfilled, I wanted more. I jumped around trying to find what it was th I wanted to no avail.

For the last 13 years, I have been a homemaker bringing up my small family, which I have found very rewarding.


I decided to embark on a spiritual journey, which was missing in my life. I followed my passion: Mediumship, public speaking  and personal development. It has been an exciting time.

In 2021 I tentatively took my steps to demonstrate my Mediumship on the Church platforms via Zoom and in person. I Set up a business offering online private sessions of mediumship. I have received amazing feedback and helped so many people over the years.

I loved what I did but still felt there was more to my purpose in life. I followed the signs and listened to my intuition which led me to study and then graduate as a certified life coach. 

My dreams are becoming a reality helping others through coaching, using my spiritual gifts and knowledge. Life coaching and mediumship  have completely transformed my life in so many ways, so many new opportunities have opened, just like magic.

I have become the creator of my life. 

Regardless of your status in life, you CAN manifest the life you dream of. I want to help you start creating the changes you need to make to become a POWERFUL creator. 

Lets create Magic.

My Core Values


Honesty and Integrity




Service and to Catalyse

I believe honesty is the best policy.

I am gently honest with my clients.

I am true to my word.

Everything said in our sessions, phone calls, texts or emails will ALWAYS stay private. 

I believe we are all part of the divine and have the ability to manifest our dream life.

I help you to connect with yourself the divine part of you, to use your intuition and gifts you were given to navigate your life, to trust and believe in yourself. I want you to realize your full potential, And create with magic in your life. 

It is my passion to help you to reach your goals, to support you in transforming your life. 

I will empower you, I will champion you, encourage you every step of the way.

You will see results.



I am kind and compassionate, I have the ability to understand your feelings and your view point. I always come from a place of non judgment.

I want you to feel comfortable and at ease throughout our sessions knowing that you will leave them full of clarity and motivation.

I will check in with you in between sessions for extra support.


Creativity and Wisdom

I love to get creative and to think of fun new ways to help you to reach your goals.

I am dedicated to learning all that I can and am constantly adding to my own tool box whilst working on my own personal development.


Would you like to work with me?

My coaching packages help people make real sustainable changes in their lives.

Start your transformation today.

Become a stronger, more confident, aligned you.


Download my FREE Meditation

Let's work together to make you more powerful and effective in your life & business.

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