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Laura J Whitfield

Spiritual Life Coach/Medium

Helping you to create
your dream life.

My Mission

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I work with individuals wanting to connect with their spiritual self and those going through a spiritual journey or awakening.


Are you stuck? Have you lost sight of your hopes and dreams? Are you thinking "What the heck is wrong with me?".


Have you started to ask the deeper questions:


  • What is the meaning of life, is there a higher power?

  • Why am I here, does my life have a purpose?

  • Or even, am I any good, do I deserve to be happy?


You might feel there is something missing in your life.

Meditation Group

Is this you?


  • Your life may look seemingly “perfect” but you are unhappy and unfulfilled.

  • You may feel a strong calling to search for a spiritual practice or reconnect to an old one.

  • You may be struggling with your self esteem, trust, confidence and anxiety.

  • You may see signs, syncronicities and paranormal events taking place that are worrying you and you are unsure of their meaning.

  • You have found a spiritual pathway but are unsure how to navigate it.

  • You may wonder if the spiritual path is right for you at all or maybe you question everything.


I know first hand what you are going through. Life is not an easy journey, nor is the spiritual path, but it can be enlightening.


A Spiritual awakening does not happen overnight, it is a journey. You may feel deep joy and connect one minute and then doubt it all the next.


Finding that trust in yourself, in your soul, in a divine power is not all rainbows and butterflies.

It can be lonely and confusing, as though you are losing your mind. You may subscribe to every spiritual channel known to man, scouring the internet in search for answers, buying every single spiritual book on Amazon and having to buy another bookcase to showcase them. (I've been there!). But you're still none the wiser.


"How do I know it’s my intuition?", you may ask. Trust yourself.


Take a deep breath in and let it go.

There Is Help At Hand

What if I told you I could help you? I am someone who understands what you are going through as I have also faced these challenges. I know exactly how you feel. I empathise. I have been exactly where you are.

Having support and guidance through your spiritual pathway from someone who has gone through all the pitfalls of spiritual awakening is essential.


Allow me to guide, support and empower you through your metamorphosis.

  • I believe in you. You have all the answers within to make this transformation. Trust and surrender to receive what is yours.

  • I want you to succeed, to reach beyond your goals, to get you out of your comfort zone and push the limit on what you think is possible.

  • You are limitless!

  • The universe wants you to succeed.

  • I know you are powerful beyond measure, you have what it takes to truly transform. You are Divine and there is magic within you, waiting to be tapped into.

  • I will listen attentively, hold space for you, use my intuition, my spiritual gifts and all my knowledge to support and encourage you.

  • I see you, the real you, your whole potential even when you may not.

  • I will be with you every step of your journey, lovingly supporting you to awaken your soul's journey.

  • Let's co create! A collab of two souls.

  • Discover your life's purpose, spread your beautiful wings and feel free.

  • Connect with your intuition/higher self and the universe to gain trust and clarity to free yourself.

  • Break free from your cocoon, let go of anxiety and fear and never second guess yourself again.

  • Become confident, use your strength to achieve your goals and achieve things you never thought possible.

  • Find love and appreciation for who you are.

  • Find inner peace.

  • Find spiritual practices that feel right for you.

  • Give yourself permission to say no and put strong boundaries in place.

  • Dissolve blockages and let go of limiting beliefs.

  • Create a beautiful place to be within your mind.

  • Create meaningful healthy, spiritual habits and routines so you can align with your true self.

  • Trust the universe is on your side.

  • Step into your power, transform your life and manifest your dreams.


The Butterfly Effect

When you make the decision to transform your life, it has a ripple effect on the universe.

You start to align, the universe is clear on what you want.

Every positive thought, every action no matter how small will lead you to your dream life.

It's all about the small steps leading you to sustainable change so you can manifest your goals. I truly believe everyone and everything is connected by you choosing courage and taking steps to transform your life. You in turn give others the strength to do the same. Let's change the world one small step at a time.

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Spiritual Life Coach

My mission is to collaborate with you and enhance your ability to create the life you've always dreamed of. I strive to make you feel more empowered, magical, and effective in all aspects of your life.

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Gain Clarity get clear on what YOU want in your life. 

Set realistic achievable goals.

Healing Therapy

Navigate Your Awakening and Life

Remove any doubts or limiting beliefs that may be holding you back in your life/spiritual journey.



Learn how to consciously co create the life of your dreams with the universe.

Using law of attraction.

Create the abundant life you deserve

Spiritual Life Coaching 

Client Love

 I needed a coach to work through a challenging period around mindset, discipline and career. From the first conversation I knew Laura was the person to coach and support me and she did just that. I opted first for a mediumship reading as I felt it would be a good precursor to the coaching. I was connected to my Grandfather and the evidential nature of the reading was not only accurate but helped me to tap into an optimism that I hadn’t felt in a while. Laura is a great listener and held a safe space for me to explore at each session. She challenged me to see new perspectives and held me accountable which helped me to achieve goals. Laura checked in between sessions which was a welcome addition and she led a number of calming meditations. I had many shifts in our time together, most notably in my creative outlet where I joined an art group and now I am exhibiting my artwork for the first time this weekend! Thank you Laura for your genuine care and your supportive nature to motivate the best out of me.  I do hope our paths cross again. 

Angela Tharmakumar


Have you tried to change your life but nothing works?

I can provide you with the tools and confidence to start your journey. We will explore what holds you back.

Let's set goals!

Are you ready to book your free 30 minute call with me today?

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