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More About Me

From a very young child I have had a very strong connection and calling to my spirituality asking questions about the nature of reality and why we are here. I often saw spirits and would talk to them. 

From around 8/9 years old I learnt to meditate and practised wicca and divination. I was lucky to have very open parents who also explored their spiritual side and supported me.

My late cousin David was Buddhist and at the time stayed with my grandparents when I was there. I would meditate with him at 5am in the morning. My grandparents had a beautiful conservatory full of plants and flowers. On one occasion as I opened my eyes from the meditative state, a passion flower opened in front of my eyes.

I had a realisation in that moment how deeply we were connected to nature and everyone around, knowing we are all connected and  without a doubt a higher power. I found the experience very emotional. I still can feel the raw emotion to this day.  I will never forget him and the big influence he had on my life. I know he is guiding me on my life's journey.

My Grandad Ralph, was also a very spiritual man. I would sit for hours talking to him about all things spiritual. He was a very enlightened soul; he had a beautiful connection to his divine light often receiving information during his meditation practices he would share.

I always had my head in a spiritual book, trying to uncover the secrets of this world and the unseen.

The reality of life to me was full of magic and possibilities. I can remember picking the right key to open a door at a fayre out of 50 keys using my gifts, I won £50. I remember that magic feeling to this day.. When I hit my teens I lost connection to my spiritual side. I met my partner in life. I think that is a right of passage. I was meant to experience life to grow. I believe through struggle we learn so much about ourselves.

I found life and it's problems extremely hard to cope with. My anxiety got so bad to the point I couldn't leave the house. Life felt overwhelming, as if it was constantly against me. I felt so annoyed with myself, I was miserable.

I started to feel something was really missing from my life but I couldn't put my finger on it. I started to have strange things happening in my house. I would see figures out of the corner of my eye. I never felt afraid just knowing that everything would be ok and it would pass. One night I even witnessed orbs. I asked my dad to bring me some spiritual books. There was one in particular I felt drawn to. 

I opened the book and there was the sign from my younger self, a meditation that I had channelled. I tried to look at my life a different way and be grateful for what I had. I found it very hard to change the mindset I had gotten into and my anxiety kept rearing its ugly head. I took up zumba and yoga which helped me with my confidence.


When I hit 30 I had another wobble called a quarter life crisis, my anxiety struck again. I had let old patterns of thinking I wasn't good enough, what was the point in life and I became despondent. I had lost sight of my purpose in life again and allowed those limiting beliefs to take over.

I questioned what to do with my life? Through synchronicity I was given a sign “do what you loved when you were a child” I received. I thought to myself I'm missing my spiritual practices, that had always been my passion.

In 2009 I decided to go to a spiritualist church with my sister to see what it would uncover. I was reluctant as I didn't like the thought of a church. My Sister Hannah was amended so we should go. 

I received my first message after 4 weeks of going. It was from my cousin David. 

I had a feeling the night before we went that I would get a message. I knew he would come through.

It was undoubtedly him. The evidence was overwhelming, the medium knew things no one could ever know, even about an olive tree, planted in his memory.

With some convincing from my sister I decided to sit in development circles for mediumship and psychic development.

The passion for life my purpose has returned.

The magic I felt when I was a child had returned to me like an old friend. I had reconnected with myself. I learned to trust my intuition once more and the spirit guidance I received. Mediumship is truly healing and a sacred connection to the other side. 

I also joined a spiritual public speaking group. I found a love for inspirational speaking, I found my voice again.  I went from not being able to speak for 2 minutes to being able to speak for 15 mins unscripted. I faced my fears and survived.

The journey of a medium is not an easy one. You fight with self doubt, second guess yourself, take one step forward and two back, sometimes it doesnt even feel like you're progressing at all. Mediumship constantly involves changes and pushes you, It is organic.

Personal development is a big part of mediumship. You learn so much about yourself when you're practicing here is where to hide.


I have also gained so much from my journey, my confidence has grown and I learned to love and trust myself. I have something powerful to offer others. 

I continue on with my own personal growth as well as my commitment and relationship to the spirit world.


To be the best medium I can be, I must surrender. 

Being able to help others using my gifts is what I was born to do.

I now allow my light to shine as bright as I can so in turn I can help others brighten theirs. Making the world a better place one person at a time.


Doors have finally started to open for me.

Over the years I have noticed people coming to me for psychic readings more than the evidential mediumship. People needing guidance in their life direction. People come to me for clarity over situations in their life such as a break up of a relationship, career options, but also wanting to know what they should do? Which direction to take? What will happen next?

Even though I would give them answers some people still seemed unsatisfied. Often refusing the guidance I received. They needed to talk through the situation. How many times have you been given advice and followed it through? 

I found myself listening and coaching clients at the end of their readings. 

“What do you want to do? 

Which option feels right for you?

What steps will you take to achieve this?”, I would say.

This felt more impactful than just the reading itself. Giving my client a chance to be heard and working through it themselves. Giving them power over their own life. 

I often wished I could wave a magic wand and take away all their pain and suffering and give them all the answers they so desperately needed. But I realised they are the creators of their own destiny.

Then it clicked for me.

The epiphany

I decided to train as a life coach in 2023 and officially combine life coaching and spirituality to empower my clients and evolve how I work.

I truly believe when we connect to our true selves, we tap into that intuition, we have all the answers we need, how empowering is that to find the answers ourselves. This is where the power is, that is where the magic happens.

With added guidance and support from myself you can truly work through anything life throws at you and manifest your dream life. 

I now allow my light to shine as bright as I can so in turn I can help others brighten theirs. Making the world a better place one person at a time.

I have helped so many beautiful souls to heal their grief giving evidence and messages from their loved ones in spirit. Proving that not even death can break the unbreakable bonds of love. I have given guidance and clarity to people helping them with their difficult life situations. Demonstrating we have the potential to expand our awareness to tap in to gifts we never knew we had.

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