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Laura J Whitfield

Spiritual life Coach




I coach women who want to manifest magick in their lives. Women who want to love their lives like never before because they’re doing all the things they’ve had on their hearts to do. I help you transition from indecisive and fearful to EMPOWERED, BRAVE, KNOWING YOU CAN DO THIS (whatever it is!), SHOWING UP LIKE A BOSS, and feeling really comfortable sitting in the VIP seat.

Are you struggling to manifest because you’re constantly interrupted by limiting beliefs and fear? Have you tried and tried, but nothing clicks? Regardless of your status in life, you CAN manifest the life you dream of and I want to help you start making the changes you need to make to be a POWERFUL creator.

I manifested She’s Magick after going through a very tough time in my life. I experienced years of feeling trapped and confused. Life became nearly unbearable.

I was broke, alone, and I wanted more than anything to just…be secure. To make enough money to pay my rent, bills, and buy groceries. I was praying for ‘just enough’.  If I could only be blessed with ‘just enough’ to not be afraid of what’s in the mailbox. Or afraid to look at my bank account balance.

It wasn’t until I lost everything that something clicked. I went from broke and homeless to a MULTI-FIGURE MILLIONAIRE in one year. I would love to teach you what I learned and coach you through it. You deserve more in life and you have the power to create it.


Now, I live my life the way I want to. The way I always dreamed of. It wasn’t about the money, a dream house or car, or accumulating expensive things. It was about peace. I would love to help you find your peace too and hopefully it will come with a whole lot of zeros.


Would you like to work with me?

My 4-Step Coaching Process will activate you and illuminate your gift so that everything you touch will turn to gold.

Image by Tamara Bellis
Image by Tamara Bellis

Have you tried & tried and nothing works?

Regardless of the hand you've been dealt, you've got the midas touch. Let's see what you can create.


Look at what people are saying...

Just wow! I can't thank you enough. I feel so much more confident.


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Image by Allef Vinicius

"I Can't Thank You Enough!"

Now I understand what was blocking my flow. I feel like I can do anything.


Ready to do this?

Let's work together to make you more powerful and effective in your life & business.

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Manifestation Coach

We work together to make you more magickal, powerful and effective in creating your fabulous life.

Helping you to build unwavering confidence so that you can hold the line when manifesting.

A fully guided audio manifestation, visualization exercise.

Grab my FREE manifestation workbook to identify and clarify what you want to manifest.

A manifestation course that will teach you step-by-step how to manifest.

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